[Helix] Pup Play - all 5 parts, whole series [720p]

Helix Studios “Pup Play” [720p version, 2,17GB]


Part 1: Josh Brady, Jeremy Hall

Part 2: Jacob Hansen, Reece Jackson

Part 3: Josh Brady, Robin Moore, Silas Brooks

Part 4: Garrett Kinsley, Luca Ambrose

Part 5: Baconator (aka Silas Brooks), Garrett Kinsley, Jacob Hansen, Josh Brady, Luca Ambrose, Reece Jackson, Robin Moore, Silas Brooks


Part 1: With Jeremy Hall in a puppy mask and leash, Josh Brady looks every bit the dom top he is in this fire hot- fetish scene.

Part 2: Garrett Kinsley, and his new boy are walking by the Cockypunk store in Las Vegas, when the window display catches their eye. After entering the store, they are greeted by Reece Jackson; and, he answers their queries about pup-play, explaining it all in gorgeous detail. Later, Jackson locks the door at closing time, and heads back to get in some pup-play of his own with hot blond, Jacob Hansen! The always ready Hansen is already harnessed up under his shirt, and clad in a matching jock strap.

He puts on the matching puppy mask to complete the fantasy, just as Reece orders him to, “speak. " Jacob gives his guy a good puppy, “ruff,” then gets to gobbling down that bone. Jackson let’s the pretty puppy know, he’s a, “good boy, before ordering Hansen to, “stand up. " Reece gets on his knees, and sucks his puppy’s perfect piece like a horned up hound, before maneuvering around his boy’s back.

Part 3: Josh Brady, Robin Moore, and Silas Brooks have all gone to the dogs, in this three way- pup play- fuck fest! Boyfriends, Garrett, and Loco are in a bit of a slump; but, after getting the clerk at the adult store’s number the other week, they know exactly how to spice it up! The cute couple wind up at beefy boy, Josh Brady’s place. The dom “handler” immediately calls pretty “pups,” Silas Brooks, and Robin Moore into the room with a clap from his firm hands.

Brady orders the pups to put on their hoods, and speak. The pups do as their told, as Brady explains pup play in delicious detail to Garrett, and Loco. After the demonstration, the couple decide to head home. However, the pup play at Josh’s place continues, just as Brady closes the blinds. The puppy pair follow every cock stretching command from their hot handler, first on each other, then on juicy Josh as well.

The sexy session turns into a full on threesome, where Brady is the bone king, as both pups worship his colossal cock. The dom Dick slinger inspects the pup’s pretty posteriors with thick fingers, and a darting tongue, as muffled puppy sounds fill the air. Then, Brady buries in bone DEEP into both boy’s beautiful back doors, till each of them explode in orgasmic glory, with two finishing on one pup’s masked face!

Part 4: The suspense has been building as gorgeous couple, Garrett Kinsley, and Luca Ambrose have been toying with the idea of “Pup Play” through the first three episodes.

Part 5: ORGY Finale. It’s all been leading up to this seven stud orgy, with five pretty pups, and three masters! Tails are wagging, and asses are in the air in this fetish fuck fest, free for all! Go to pound town with these pups; and, see who’s been a good boy, with the ultimate “Pup Play” fantasy.(GAYSSS.COM


種子 / 种子 / Torrent


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